Use Queen Mattresses On King Tufted Bed Frame

Build King Tufted Bed Frame

King tufted bed frame – If you have purchased a queen-size mattress, but you have a king size bed frame, you do not necessarily have to buy a new bed frame. A king tufted bed frame has a mattress that is 76 inches long and 80 inches tall. Your queen mattress is only 60 inches long, but it is also 80 inches long. The frame will hold your bed as it is larger, but some of the frame will protrude. The key to doing this job is to make it look conscious, turning it into a platform bed. You need: tape measure, wooden planks, king tufted bed frame, queen size mattress. Starting with measure the depth of the bed frame. Your bed frame probably consists of a metal frame that your mattress is in.

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Around the edge, there should be about 1 to 2 inches of metal that will cover your box spring. Measure this. Buy wooden planks to fill the king tufted bed frame. People will see the pieces on the sides so these should be stuck. But you can put together the parts in the middle that mattress covers. Wood must be as thick as the measurement that you took steps one and 80 inches long. You can add more pieces to fill the frame. The center queen is mattress on the frame. You should have 8 inches of wood on both sides of the mattress. You do not need the box spring.

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Don’t forget to use colored or painted wood in the king tufted bed frame for a more polished look. Meanwhile, if you want an animal and budget-friendly bedside without compromising on luxury of leather, then an artificial leather bed sheet is just that thing. Making your own artificial leather bedside for a king tufted bed frame is not an overly complicated task. And most practical do-it-yourself people can handle it without any problems. The easiest way to make a large bedside table is to build it as a separate element to the bed. So you can hang it directly on the wall with buttons to hold it in place.