Upholstered King Wingback Bed

Cute King Wingback Bed

King wingback bed – The bedroom is always more elegant if our bed has a headboard. You will see that if you do not have and you put one. You will capture all the eyes of all those who see your bedroom. Read on and learn how to upholster your wingback bed. The result can be very different depending on the fabric you use, but this has to adapt to the decoration of your bedroom (the colors of the walls and / or furniture). Remove the headboard from your bed or buy a wood that makes the dimensions of the width of the bed or a little more so that it comes out on both sides of your bed and make it look bigger.

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Mark the measurements above the foam. These have to be the same as those of the table plus five centimeters on each side of the table. It has to be bigger than the table where we are going to put it because the foam has to cover a whole face of the table and a piece of the opposite side, as if it embraced the board. The foam can be bought in the same store where you buy the fabric with which you want to upholster the table. The next step is to cut the foam with a scissors following the marks of the measurements that you marked in the previous step. The width of the foam is usually standard, so you will not find it difficult to cut it.

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Put the king wingback bed on the floor or on a long table and cover it with the foam, so it will be fluffy and comfortable at the back. You have to bend the foam that protrudes from the board toward the back of the board and staple it. Every 2 or 3 centimeters a staple is placed on the edge of the foam and around the entire board. So that the foam is tight.