Tidy King Bed With Storage Underneath

Couch King Bed With Storage Underneath

King bed with storage underneath – If we look at Feng shui theories, they will tell us to never keep anything under beds, but probably one who invented Feng shui did not live on floors with as little space as many homes have today. Key is to keep it under beds is tidy and organized and we do not accumulate anything that we do not really need. Capacity of space under bed is undeniable, but is it suitable for all kinds of things? Since it is a limited access area, you should always try to keep things in it that will not be used on a daily basis, such as clothes from another season, blankets, costumes, electrical equipment, shoes that are not usually used or, as in my case, white clothes.

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Modular and multifunctional furniture, allow at same time a bed, drawers and cabinets. For this reason, they are ideal for very small houses, especially studio apartments. Some bed designs add a specific storage area, either on side or on back. result is a super-equipped storage unit that is both a bed, or vice versa. Important thing is that you can save space in bedroom, have everything tidy and, above all, much style. In addition to drawers, trunks and multifunctional furniture, space king bed with storage underneath lends itself to storing boxes of wood or cardboard, among other materials.

Condition for an aesthetically harmonious result that is both functional is that what you choose is in tune with rest of set. Remember that every detail counts on a professional quality design. Another way to save space is by options as played as one we see in photo above. A simple idea for king bed with storage underneath spaces. This type of furniture allows closet and bed, all in one. bed is on a height as if it were a bunk, with a chest of drawers specifically designed to serve as a staircase. Children love this kind of idea.

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