Stylish Wrought Iron Bed Frame King

Wrought Iron Bed Frame King Design

Wrought iron bed frame king – You can use rustic decor to complement a wrought iron bed frame that has uneven edges and asymmetric shapes. This type of choice will give the room an American western look using unfinished or wood furniture, dark earth paints and other metal elements with coarse stained finish. For example, a wrought iron clothes hanger with a rusty veneer or a ceiling fan with wooden leaves and a red-haired hub complete the rustic bedroom that your wrought iron bed frame begins to suggest. Antique wrought iron bed frames can require extra restoration carefully if the iron has been damaged or is rusty. Rust can be removed easily with simple tools available on a hardware store. A light hand and the right kind of slip can prevent point grinding and scratching during reset. However, returning a curved frame to its original shape requires some expert assistance. Protect wrought iron with a rustproof product before painting will keep the bed frame around for another century.

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Restore an antique wrought iron bed frame king. Check the bed for bent and rusted iron or missing pieces. Straighten the iron, remove rust and replace missing objects, such as buds or legs, is necessary before taking the bed frame back to its former shine. Iron does not bend easily and you may need help from a smith if the frame is bent. Make all necessary repairs. Missing bolts, pins or other objects whose absence will weaken the structure of the bed should be replaced before the repainting process occurs. Items that must be reproduced will require professional help from a smith.

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Remove loose roses of rust with medium sandpaper or a rigid steel brush and scrub the rusty area with a fine quality duster. Grinding away the rust area and the wool pad takes off a very thin layer of wrought iron leaving the rusty area looking like new. Wipe the frame with a dry cloth to remove dust and debris caused by grinding. Protect the frame from further rust and decay. Prime and paint the wrought iron bed frame king.