Stunning Furniture Eastern King Bed

Cozy Eastern King Bed

Eastern king bed – Just by looking at a bedroom, I can guess how the relationship of the two people who share it. It is not science, but feng shui gives guidelines to detect, for example, if one of the two dominates the other in the relationship. It is shown that more stable couples create, even unconsciously, more balanced and proportionate dormitories. The bedroom, besides offering rest and tranquility, should also support the good understanding between the two. The protagonists of the bedroom are you and this stay should be a pleasant refuge for both, that makes you feel at ease to both. To encourage rest, it limits stimuli such as light, noise and activity.

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An excess of these factors will not let you rest well and you will lack energy and good humor. Location of the bed is key in the psychological perception of the eastern king bed. It should lean against a solid wall that allows seeing the entrance to the room. Thus it favors the feeling of recollection, protection and “sustento” of the relation. Instead, it is not appropriate to place the bed in an area of ​​passage generated between the entrance and another door (such as the bathroom), or a window and a balcony, because it would be too exposed to the current and could “destabilize” the couple.

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The bed must be accessible from both sides, because this guarantees the equality of the two members of the couple. If one sleeps cornered against the wall, in time it will find itself overwhelmed in the relationship. On the other hand, if you have too much open and fluid space, you may end up developing more social interest and showing less dedication to the couple. There are other issues to avoid in the eastern king bed. Like sharing the space of rest with the work: do not locate the studio in the bedroom, to sleep well you must get rid of obligations and concerns.