Solid Wood King Size Bed Frame Design

Nice Solid Wood King Size Bed Frame

Solid wood king size bed frame – A bed crown is a canopy that is attached to the wall and hidden behind a piece of wood. Despite its name, the crowns of the bed are not always crown-shaped. Instead, cover a bed the shape of crown caps off a head. You could buy a crown bed from a home store, but it would be expensive. Making your own oversized king bed will cost less and require little effort. Cut three pieces of pine wood 1 by 4 inches to build the shape of the crown of the bed. The front piece should be 70 inches long. Make each side piece 7 inches long. Sand the wood with medium-grain sandpaper. Paint the wood with flat, latex paint a color that complements the decoration of the room. Apply two coats for complete coverage. Allow the paint to dry four to six hours between layer and layer.

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Solid wood king size bed frame, place the front part of the crown along the work surface. Rest on one of its 1-inch long sides. Apply the wood glue to each 1-by-4-inch end of the front piece. Press a single 7-inch long side piece into the wood glue on one end of the front piece. Press the other 7-inch long side piece into the wood glue in front of the other end piece to create a three-sided rectangle. Make the edges flush between the front piece and the two side pieces. Nail a nail in each corner where a side piece contiguous to the front piece. Place a metal L-bracket on each corner where the front and side pieces meet. Fix the brackets by placing a screw through each hole in the bracket.

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Solid wood king size bed frame, return the rectangle three sides down on the work surface so the side pieces are point up. Place a piece of cloth that matches the decoration of your room along the back of the three-sided rectangle. From the side piece on the right side, pick and fix the fabric to the wood using a staple gun. Position the fabric until it reaches the center of the front piece. Repeat the process with another piece of cloth on the left side of the three-sided rectangle. Place an image ring that hangs from the 1-inch-wide exposed edge of each side piece. Place each ring 1 inch down from the top edge.

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