Mirrored King Bed Plan Ideas

Cute Mirrored King Bed

Mirrored king bed – A king size bed offers warm, cozy and most importantly, plenty of space. While a king size bed can make it easier to have a good night’s sleep, you may find that decorating your bed is difficult due to its unusual length and size. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can highlight the size of your bed without sacrificing the quality of the decor. Mirrors are amazing accessories, capable of performing a form of magic. If you have a small room, using mirrors make it look bigger especially when they reflect a large piece of furniture such as the bed.

Feng Shui principals’ direct homeowners to avoid placing a mirror directly at the foot of the bed where their reflection can be seen as this may adversely affect their chi. To adhere to this guideline but still take advantage of the power of a mirror, so it is balanced with the end of the bed. Decide whether you want to hang mirrored king bed higher than at the end of the bed, mirror to the right of the bed or to the left of the bed. These are all offset positions. Measure to find the desired location and mark the place.

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Use a straight edge to make a horizontal line through the center of your field. Turn the mirrored king bed down and measure it down to the top edge and from each side. Highlight the wall to show where the hangers fall, using your measurements and the horizontal line that represents the top edge of the mirror as a guide. Zinc and screw in each field; You need one for each hoop, or two to three screws placed in a straight line for a hanging wire. Lift and hang the mirror. Examine the mirror to make sure it is even and that the top edge falls along the reference line.

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