Making Upholstered King Platform Bed

Upholstered King Platform Bed Contemporary

Upholstered king platform bed – Give your bedroom a unique look by creating a padded platform bed frame. Adding upholstery to these low profile bed frames helps add visual weight, giving the body a punch of color. At the same time adding padding increases the style factor, the clean lines in the platform bed frame make it suitable for modern design. A stuffed bed frame project lets you create custom furniture, making the bed room’s focal point. Choose a bold, high contrast graphic print for a dramatic look. Smoother textured fabrics, especially those with shine, are suitable for romantic spaces.


Measure the width and length of your mattress. Add 2 inches to each of these dimensions upholstered king platform bed. Use these adjusted measurements as guidelines to cut your 2-for-6 discs. Cut two boards equal to your adjusted width and two boards equal to your adjusted length. Place the slices together on the floor to frame from a rectangular mattress. Place a thin amount of wooden strap at the end of one of the boards for the right width, and go with it to one of the longer boards to create a corner of bed frame. Repeat on the remaining corners. Turn the frame so the long sides are left and right.

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Load your nail gun with a 2-inch nail. Further secure your corners by firing three nails down the length of each corner. Use a tape measure to measure the length of the frame by measuring from the inner edge of the top board to the inner edge of the bottom plate. Cut your remaining 2-of-6 board to this length. Apply spray glue on the outside of the underside boards. Upholstered king platform bed with batting. Use the same method that you would use to wrap a gift. Secure batting in place by stapling around the inside perimeter of each board.

Install the board you cut in step 4 in the center of the bed frame to create a center support bar. Secure the board in place by firing nails through the top frame board and handed out to the cross support beam. Repeat with the bottom plate. Linda frame boards with furniture fabrics, using the same method used to apply batting. Pull the fabric stretched before stapling to the inside of the bed frame. This will help keep the finishing touch smooth.

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