Making Tufted Platform Bed King

Perfect Tufted Platform Bed King

Tufted platform bed king – The construction of a bed platform consists of little more than the configuration of a box with the supports throughout the center and the establishment of a solid piece at the top. King size mattresses are approximately 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. The platform should support those dimensions with approximately 2 additional inches along the sides and at the foot of the bed to account for the manufacturer differences.  Lay a 60-inch long flat board. Measure at 1 inch from the end and mark with a pencil. Repeat the mark on the opposite end of the board. Repeat at both ends of the other plate 60 inches long.

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Tufted platform bed king, draw a straight line through the ends of the boards on the markings using a ruler or a carpenter’s square. Select a drill bit that is the same diameter or slightly smaller than the solid stud bolt. Connect the drill bit to the drill. Make the three pilot holes, equally spaced apart, both through 60 inches long boards in each line. Adventure of a 60-inch long plate upright over a long edge. Support a 78-inch-long board upright over a long edge. Fasten one cut end of the longest board against the side of the shortest table in a row of pilot holes, forming an L or an angle of 90 degrees.

Make tufted platform bed king, insert the wood screws through the guide holes and into the longer board with an electric drill. Attach one more board at the opposite end of the shorter board in the same way, forming a U-shaped square. Place the shorter table at the edge and stop against the free ends of the two longer boards. Insert the wood screws through the pilot holes and into the longer boards, ending an open square box framed.  Measure the space between the two longer boards of the square frame of the inner edge and the inner edge. Measure and cut four 2 by 12 tables to that length.

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