Make Padded Headboards For King Size Bunk Bed

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King size bunk bed – Headboards sit on the head of a bed and add a touch of color and texture to decorating your room. They also serve a practical purpose, providing a padded backrest. The headboard should have the same width as the bed. And sit at least 18 to 24 inches above the mattress so that it can be seen over the bed linen. To make padded headboards for king size bunk bed: measure the width of the king size bunk bed. And also the height from the floor to the top of the mattress. Determine how high you want to head over the bed. Add the current measurement to height.

For example, if the king size bunk bed is 24 inches high and you finished headboard standing 24 inches above, the total height of the handlebar is 48 inches. Measure to the correct height and width of plywood sheets and cut it size. Sand of all irregularities. Lay out the floor on the floor and place the handlebar on. Cut around the board; leave a compensation of 3 inches all the way around. Fold the edges of the water over and staple on the back of the tray. Lay fabric on the floor, right down. Lay the handle on top, with water covered side down. Cut around on the board, again leaving a compensation of 3 inches.

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Fold the fabric and staple into place. Twist headboard over. On the wrong side, measure and mark 10 inches and up from each corner. Go through each highlighted point. Measure 10 inches from each drilled hole and drill another hole to make a total of four screw holes. Has an assistant stand up to the wall for you in the right place. And use the point of a screw to mark through drilling holes and on the wall. Remove the headboard and drill the four screw holes. Put an anchor in each. Has the assistant take the weight of the board while turning it on the wall through four holes. And the new king size bunk bed was done.

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