Make King Size Bed Headboard And Footboard Table

Unique King Size Bed Headboard And Footboard

King size bed headboard and footboard – To make king size bed headboard and footboard table, starting with measure the width of the bed to confirm what type of king size bed you have. Provided you have a grand king size bed, the width is 80 inches. Measure the width of your main board and footboard on wooden slabs. Width must be at least 80 inches. For aesthetic balancing, add 1 to 2 inches on each side, making it 82-84 inches long. Mark width with a pencil, use it as your reference point. Draw a pattern on wood. You can create a rectangle, a bow or a unique combination of figures and rising points.

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Use the string to do self and rounded edges, and use a straight edge to make sure you make a symmetrical shape. Cut the figure headboard out with a stick saw. Trace the top third of the headboard on the sheet footboard. Step boards are not typically as high as gables, although they usually fit the figure. Use your judgment if you do not make a high headquarters. Adjust footboard so it is high enough for mounting. Cut the footboard with a stabbed saw. Sand all edges of king size bed headboard and footboard with medium sandpaper followed by fine sandpaper to make it slippery.

Place the wall mount bracket on the headboard and wall and make sure they are properly lined up. Mark screw holes with a pencil mark. Do the same for footboard mounts on the bed frame and footboard. Drill holes for assembly of king size bed headboard and footboard. Stain or paint headboard with a wooden streak or paint of your choice. Let the head and footboard dry at least 24 hours before assembly; Different stains and paint have different dry times. Read the manufacturer’s label. Assemble pieces by screwing in the headboard that the wall mount fittings, and then attach the board to the wall. Screw into footboard mounts to secure footboard in place.

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