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New King Wall Bed

King wall bed – If a bed, especially a bunk bed or bunk bed, does not feel sufficiently stable for safe support a child, you can mount it on the wall to help stabilize it. This is also a useful way to add extra security if the bed is in an earthquake zone. These instructions are for mounting a bed for a standard stud and Sheetrock home wall, but you can use the same basic concepts to mount a bed for something

How to mount king wall bed, find in the wall that runs through the walls where you will mount your bed. Turn on your study finder and slowly drive it along the wall. It will leave a signal when it locates a stud. Find three places where a C-bandage can fit around a component in bed with at least one screw running into a wall stud. If possible, place at least one C-bandage on both walls in a corner. Drill a pilot hole in the wall stud with a drill bit 1/8 inch narrower than your wooden screw for each position where you want to hang your C-bandage. Set C-braces to the wall knobs with a 3-inch wooden screw. Leave 1 centimeter of the screw sticking for now.

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Slip a C-bandage into place, all the way up to the wall and the common bed component. Mark through the C-rail is open screw hole with your pen, showing the best place to put drywall anchor. Drill a pilot hole on the pencil labeled with a drill bit 1/8 inch narrower than your plaster wall anchors. Drive drywall anchor in the wall with your hammer at the point you have marked. Screw C-rail into place with a 3-inch wood screw and plaster wall anchor. When this screw is aligned with the rail, tighten the remaining inches of the remaining screw. After that, try moving the king wall bed by shaking it with your weak hand. If you still can shake it easily, try adding a fourth or even fifth C bandage.

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