Ideas Western Bedding Sets King

Awesome Western Bedding Sets King

Western bedding sets king – Many people have single beds in their home after their children move out. Often the rooms are reorganized and given a new purpose, such as serving as a guest room. A large bed in the guest room will suit guests who prefer to share a bed. You can join the twin beds together to make a large double bed. If you have guests who do not want to share the bed, you can separate the beds and re-attach them later as a king-size bed. Push the two beds together as close as possible. Two legs of each bed should be next to each other. Tie the legs together by wrapping tape around the legs temporarily while drilling holes. Drill two holes through the two sets of legs, one at the top of the legs and one at the bottom.

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Western bedding sets king, remove the adhesive tape. Insert a bolt through the four holes, and tighten with a nut. Measure the diameter of the mattresses once they are pushed together. Wrap the cam straps around the side of the mattress and tighten. Place a bed bridge through the middle of the mattresses where the mattresses come together. Make sure that the ridge of foam in the middle of the bed bridge goes into the crevice created by the two mattresses. Put an extra large mattress on the top of the twin beds. Use an extra large mattress on the top of the mattress to hold it in place. Add sheets and bedding.

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Keep the double-size western bedding sets king in a closet in case you need to use the beds separately. Remove the cam straps from the mattresses and remove the nuts and bolts from the bed legs to move the separate single beds. The size of nuts and bolts depends on the size of the legs the bed will connect. Measure the width of the legs of the bed and add ½ inches. Use the appropriate drill bit when drilling holes through the bed legs. Wood legs require a different metal leg drill.