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Awesome Spindle Bed King

Spindle bed king – Many people enjoy antique furniture in their home log beds provide a nice and rustic looking bed frame, along with a pleasant wood aroma. Many people buy log games by their beds. Others learn how to make their own beds using some unique tools, proper wood, and an understanding of how to put the pieces together. The final product can take years of joy to the house, or a possible benefit of the sale of the bed. Select the wood for the bed. Pine works well for log beds. Make sure the selected wood is dry wood. Check the wood for decay. Measure the pieces of the bed, depending on what size the bed will be. Measure the box spring that fits into the bed to give the direction of the joint length side rails, headboard and foot.

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With a tie-knife to peel the bark of the wooden posts. Carve ends of the pieces that fit into the holes of the spindle bed king. The holes will be 2 1/4 “, so the ends of the posts should be small enough to fit comfortably into the holes. Sand the pieces of the log bed. Align the selected messages from the header, making sure that the cracks are facing away from the back of the bed. Mark the top of the posts in the upper head rail to be attached. Mark down in the messages posted on the bottom rail of the header will attach. Drill holes 2 1/4 “wide and 2 1/2” to 3 “deep on the side of the posts of the header where it is marked. Repeat the process for shipments in the foot forum.

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Drill two holes in each of the header posts and the table stand for the side racks. Drill holes in the bottom of the top rails for head and foot ironing, depending on the amount of spindles attached. Most beds use three to five spindles, depending on the spindle bed king. Drill holes in the top of the bottom rails of the headboard and foot. To know where to place these holes, align the axes on which they are placed. Mark, where the holes will be drilled.