Ideal King Size 4 Poster Bed

Cozy King Size 4 Poster Bed

King size 4 poster bed – Many times we focus more on decoration of environments where we spend more time awake and we do not stop to think about what influences to have a pleasant bedroom where to be able to conciliate a relaxing and pleasant dream. However, as important are common areas as room where we rest during night. When decorating bedroom, we must take into account in several things. First of all we get an idea of space we have. Size of bed, bedside tables, comfortable furniture or an armchair that we want to include must be taken into account when distributing items in room.

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King size 4 poster bed is main piece of furniture and it should be of quality. A viscoelastic mattress is a good choice. Size should be right size for a good night’s sleep. In same way lighting plays a fundamental role and it is advisable that, if there is a window in room, bed is placed on one side of it. Neither front nor back, as light could get to bother us. Also we must contemplate space that we leave for side tables that should be of 40cms minimum. Regarding bed headboard, there are many options that can be interesting.

Most classic option would be to use a headboard lined with fabric. In this case it is recommended that it be in a plain print, so that it always combines with bedding and walls. Experts advise not to exceed 130cms high. Another more modern and novel option would be to put wall that corresponds to head of room with ceramics in 3D that would give a different and modern touch to room. And finally, complementary elements such as sofas or chests, that if there is enough space, permeate space of warmth. Cushions can also be a perfect and inexpensive complement to give final touch to an ideal king size 4 poster bed

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