How To Mount King Size Log Bed

Antique King Size Log Bed

King size log bed – Many people enjoy older furniture in their homes. Homemade stock shelves provide a comfortable and rustic looking bed frame, along with a nice wood scent. Many people buy log sets for their beds. Others learn to make their own beds using some unique tools, the right wood and an understanding of how to put together the pieces. The final product can give years of joy to the home, or any profit from the sale of the bed.


Select the wood for the king size log bed. Pine works well for the shelves. Make sure the wood is dry. Check the forest for rot. Measure the pieces for the bed, depending on the size of the bed. Measure the elastic that fits the bed to guide the length of the side rails, bedside and foot on board. With a tow knife scale the bark of wood posts. Carve the ends of the pieces that will fit into the holes for the bed. Sand pieces off the shelf.

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Line up the selected main gauge posts, to see some cracks turn away from the back of the king size log bed. Mark down on the posts where the bottom rail on the bedside will fasten.  Drill two holes on each gable and foot aboard services for the side frames. Drill holes on the underside of the best rails for bed and foot aboard, depending on how many spiders will be attached. Drill holes on top of bottom rails of bedside and foot aboard. To know where to place these holes, raise the spiders where they will be placed. Select where the holes should be drilled.

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Put the pieces in king size log bed together, put the cut ends into the drilled holes. Begin with the gable and foot aboard pieces. Connect the side rails to the bedside and foot on board. Use the top rail on the bed for the spring box to rest, using a chainsaw or circular saw. Sand out and make sure it’s the level. This is probably the most difficult step in the process. Secure eye hooks to each post, approximately 1 “below where the spring box will rest. Pull the cable with a threaded screw. When the measurement of both cables is equal, the bed is the square.