How To Decorate King Captains Bed

King Captains Bed Black

King Captains bed – Many little boys are interested in ships and sailing. If you know a child who likes all boat-related, consider decorating his room using a nautical theme. The most important thing in all bedrooms is the bed. In a nautical theme bedroom, you can create a captain’s bed with some easy-to-find items.  One of the most iconic nautical objects is old-fashioned wooden ship wheel. You can find the ship wheels at many antique shops or special boating shops. Buy a simple wooden bed frame and attach ship wheels to the bedside. You can also paint letters under the wheel, write the child’s name as if it were a boat’s name.

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Another important tool for all king captains bed is his navigation compass. Buy a large compass stencil at your local arts and crafts store, and use this stencil to paint the compass on the child’s wall above or next to the bed. You can also use real compasses and attach them to the bed’s headboard or foot aboard for an extra nautical touch.

There is bedding available in many children’s room’s delivery stores that are nautical themes. Often these are quilts and the sheets have ships, boat wheels, light houses or seagulls on them. If you do not want to spend money for your own nautical bedding, try to buy plain, dark blue bedding and add your own nautical touches. For example, you can line pillows and cover with thin white ropes using a glue gun to glue the rope. You can also buy ship’s decals and sew them on your own. Another great embellishment tip for a king captains bed uses the captain’s hats. You can also buy a plain brown teddy bear and sew a captain’s hat on his head. Then teddy bear puts on the bed of pillows.

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