Finding Right Cali King Bed

Elegant Cali King Bed

Finding Right Cali King Bed – The California king bed is a giant among the standard bed sizes, measuring in at 72” wide and a whopping 84” long. This width is four inches shorter than a standard king. The key feature of this bed, however, is its extra four inches in length. It is not one of the most commonly purchased frame sizes, though. Additionally, its massive size makes this bed incredibly difficult to transport. For these reasons, finding a good frame of this size can be challenging. Here’s how to do it.

Make sure that the Cali king bed is right for your home. If you are sure that it fits comfortably within the space, then you should continue on. You will be very unsatisfied if you purchase this bed and then realize it takes up too much space. Take some measurements first. Once you have purchased the Cali king bed, and you know it is almost to your home, prepare the room. Clean up as much as possible, and take apart your old bed. Then, move the old bed and mattress somewhere else so you have plenty of space to put together a new bed.

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Understand that because of its size, most frames for these Cali king bed come either in two pieces, or disassembled for your assembly. The designs typically allow for two box springs, and one large mattress. Be prepared for some construction. You have two main options. First, you can travel to your favorite furniture stores and inquire about any beds of this size they might offer. Check out local furniture stores for models. Your second option is to use the internet to search for a bed frame. You can use known furniture store sites. Find a Cali king bed frame that suits your style.

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Your Cali king bed frame will probably come with box springs (unless it is a platform bed) but you will need to purchase a mattress. Think carefully about the different types of materials. Memory foam is a great choice as a California king mattress because the foam can be folded for easier transport. As a bonus, it’s soft! Just do your homework to find a reputable brand. Many mattress stores carry these sized mattresses in your favorite brands, but they require special ordering. Do this ahead of time so you are ready once your bed is assembled.