Differences In California & The Eastern Upholstered King Platform Bed

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Upholstered king platform bed – Before buying a California king bed or an Eastern king bed, which is a standard king, you must know the difference in width, length, bedding availability and what type of spring box is required. Another consideration is which mattress would suit a king size water bed frame if you simply cannot stand a water bed bedroom set. The width of the California upholstered king platform bed is 72 inches, while the width of the eastern king bed is 76 inches. The eastern upholstered king platform bed would allow more room to move when two people sleep in it. Each person would have 38 inches of room to sleep.

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The eastern upholstered king platform bed is 80 inches long and the California king bed is 84 inches long. What California king loses in width, it matters in the long run, which is the idea for the people who are higher and need more space to stretch out comfortably. The Box Spring is the only different in box springs would be size. Each king size bed can have a box of spring or two half width box springs so that the springs can easily be moved in tight surroundings in a home.

The California king uses bedding created specifically for the size mattress. The regular Eastern king plates will not fit a California king. And the California bedding can be hard to find unless you find somewhere online. And Eastern king bedding is standard in most stores. And if buying a regular mattress for a king size water upholstered king platform bed frame, you would buy a California king. The Eastern king mattress would leave a big hole on the sides and ends of the water bed frame. California king fits tightly on the sides and has about one inch hole at one end.

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