Decorate King Size Captains Bed

King Size Captains Bed Black

King size captains bed helps you save space in a small bedroom because of its built-in drawers. This type of bed opens the floor area, because the area that would have been raised with a chest of drawers could be used for anything else. But utilitarian your motivation may have been in the choice of bed, you can also make the visual highlight of your room decorate scheme. Play up some of the decorative forces of the room and reduce those who draw attention away from the bed.


Create a focal point wall to give a background to the bed and make the most of your little space. Paint the wall a vibrant color such as pumpkin orange, forest green or cobalt blue. In such a small space, you want the bed to protrude. Burn the wall will pay attention to the king size captains bed. Place the king size captains bed against burning the wall.

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Hang a gallery of pictures, mirrors and lamps above the king size captains bed head board. Place a large mirror above the bed and choose two or three small pieces of art or lamps to enhance the mirror. Look for a mirror with a decorative frame in a carved pattern, such as scallops or a carved African geometric pattern. Decorate the shelves if you have a bookcase bedspread. Use this space for some necessary items such as a reading lamp, but also show decorative items that make the bed stand out, such as a pair of pieces of a colorful ceramic collection or a series of family photos.

Select a console that stands out. Bet on a color that complements the color of the burn the wall. Choose rich fabrics such as polished cotton or silk. Find a console with a pattern that you think is interesting and that fits the style of your room. Make a background of decorative pillows. Add big pillows to your king size captains bed. Look for pads with a lacy lid or a striped, floral or fleur di lays pattern. Mix and match patterns on pillows by featuring pillows that all have a common color, such as the color you have chosen for your focal wall.

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