Decorate A Wardrobe With A King Murphy Bed In It

Super King Murphy Bed

King Murphy bed -A king Murphy bed can folds out of the wall to sleep but otherwise remains hidden inside a wardrobe or recessed wall space. Murphy beds are optimal for small apartments where a bed would pick up most of the floor space. And some come with special shelves and other connected features. Rather than leaving the wardrobe wall surfaces bare when the bed is in use, use different methods to create interesting patterns or hang favorite images. Instructions: hang a large framed picture or a picture on the back of the wardrobe, which appears when the Murphy bed is lowered. Use thinner frames.

Such as poster frames, if possible to avoid chunky frames hit the bed when not in use. Create a collage of images within the frame. Use a large image only, or go another way by using several smaller frames to hang various favorite photos and prints. Second, paint the wardrobe back if you prefer not to hang photos and images. Create a mural or pattern and design, such as a beach mural or floral pictures in various designs. Use as many colors as desired, including glossy, matt and gloss finish. Hold the king Murphy bed for at least one day to allow the paint to dry and avoid a paint-sprinkled bed.

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You can also choose to extend wall painting or design on the sides of the wardrobe. Use wardrobe space to hold paper collections that you can house in poster frames. Or attach them to the wall with tape or all-purpose adhesive. Fill the space with concert and sporting event ticket stumps, postcards, theater performance programs. Can also with stamp collections, magazine covers, book covers or other paper collection you would care to show. Tips and warnings: Some king Murphy bed wardrobes come with shelves on either side of the bed. Which you can use to display pictures, graphics, collections, books and other novelties.

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