Contemporary Yet Cheap Headboard For King Size Bed

Headboard For King Size Bed And Lamps

Headboard for king size bed –if you want it to be contemporary yet cheap at same time, this is solution. With few materials and time you will make your bedroom look spectacular. And you can save hundreds of dollars. Cut wood to size of finished headboard. Stores do it for you, take measurement of your bed and add 15 cm minimum on each side. You can cut wood in semiluna if you chop it. There are two ways to achieve this. Stretch foam rubber and staple it behind front of your table. Or you hit it and cut it to raz. In my opinion second is simpler, especially if you do not have an assistant for project.

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You can save money by using a quilt that is already old, folded in several parts to cover entire table in your headboard for king size bed. Lay fabric out and lay wooden board on top of this. Then join top, face down. Now wrap fabric around back, staple each pair of centimeters until all four sides have been attached to back. Remember that it is very important to pull fabric taut as you staple each side counter. Turn your header to side that will be visible. Measure and mark over fabric where you want your button to be. Remember, in a contemporary header, less is more and simplicity is key. We simply mark six equidistant buttons, keeping at least 6 inches from top, and 12 inches from face.

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We did two rows of three. You can also make a single row of three or four buttons, or a double row of four if you are making a headboard for king size bed. Calculate your design on paper. Remember, measure twice. It’s time to place your new header. Easiest way to put it is to have 2 pieces of wood that hold headboard. You will have to attach header to wooden sticks, they have to be sturdy, you can use these blocks that sell in lumberyards. Or you can fix it more professionally with flush mounting, which is more complicated. With first option you only have to recharge bed at head and ready.