Building King Size Tufted Bed

King Size Tufted Bed Black

King size tufted bed can add instant elegance to a bedroom. The tavern pulls the fabric back on a regular basis, making the suggestion that the gable is soft. Building a tufted bed sheet is easy. Simple clothing techniques are all needed, along with a long needle, a handful of clad buttons and a piece of elegant bed sheet fabric. Count your friends if you want to make them a tufts headboard as soon as they see you.


Most home stores will lower your board for a small fee. Measure for at least three rows of tufting. Space your rows 8 inches apart. Space your buttons 8 inches apart. Draw horizontal lines level across the width of the king size tufted bed. Keep in mind that your buttons will pop up vertically on horizontal row 1 and 3 and be denied 4 inches in line 2 and 4. Select the location of your buttonholes and drill holes at each mark. Spray front side bed with prelim. Press 1 inch foam to bedside. Use an electric knife to cut the excess along the top and sides.

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Lay quilts on the floor. Place your bed sheet foam down and center on wadding. Bring wadding over the foam and staple wadding on the back of the gable. Place the fabric on the floor facing down. Place the king size tufted bed sheet that strikes down centered over the fabric. Take the fabric over batten and tie the fabric to the back of the gable. Staple from center to corner and alternate side to side. Stretch the fabric to make it tense while stapling. Cut off excess fabric or wad when finished stapling. Wear a clothing needle with heavy padding thread. You will be able to see the torn holes on the back of the gable. Tie the garment thread to a large flat button. Pull the needle through the gable and pull out the front. Put a covered button on the needle and pull the needle back through the gable of the apartment button.

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