Building King Size Platform Bed Frames

King Size Platform Bed Frames Contemporary

King size platform bed frames – You can spend a lot of money on a frame for your king mattress. An alternative is to build your own simple platform frame. This model costs less and adds a clean lined, simple feel to the bedroom where you install it. If you want something more ornate, you can use the platform model as a base and add posts, bedspreads and other accents from there.


Cut your work to specified lengths. Sand with coarse sandpaper. Arrange two long beams and both short beams in a rectangular frame. The ends of the king size platform bed frames long beams should border the insides on the short beams. Screw them into place with two screws per corner. Place the third long trawl inside a rectangular frame, parallel to and at the center between the two outer long beams. Screw it in place as you did the corners of the frame. Place the two plywood discs on top of the frame so that they form a rectangle that matches the rectangle of the frame. Screw the sheets into place with one screw per corner and one screw at the center of each edge. Sand all exposed wood with fine sandpaper.

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Tips and warnings

You can paint or color the frame if you like. But most bedding drapes across the sides to the extent that little, if any, of the frame is actually visible. King size platform bed frames are elegant and modern options for expensive furniture. These beds, like basically stacked boxes, can be designed with or without bedside tables and can be easily modified as children grow up. Storage or rolling beds add versatility to apartments and small spaces. Build a king size platform bed frames for small children or teens to use as day beds and spice it with a regular mattress, mattress or futon. Or use a “Bunkie Board” as a platform and just lay your legs.

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