Building Cal King Bed Frame With Storage

Cal King Bed Frame With Storage Brown

Cal king bed frame with storage can seem like a waste: all like cube roofs covered with draping bedding, nothing contributes to the sophistication or storage in the room. By replacing a single twin bed frame with a storage bed, you can add more than 30 cubic feet of memory accessible. Set an afternoon for this project, which is easily within reach of beginners and intermediate carpenters.


Sand all surfaces in your wood of Cal king bed frame with storage using rough sandpaper. Set a long beam and a short beam in one L, with the end of the long beam toward the surface of the short. Screw together using two wooden screws. Place the second short beam to the free end of the long beam; turn your L to square C. Screw as you did the first. Slide the other long beam between the arms of C until it runs parallel to the other long beam. The centers of the beams should be 16 inches apart. Screw in place as in previous steps.

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Slide the shortest beam between the arms of C, which runs parallel to the short beams and in the open side of the frame. It should be at the same distance from each branch. Screw in place. Place a plywood board on the frame so that it covers the open side and it’s inside edge runs along the center of the central support beam. Screw in place with a screw in each corner. Set other plywood slabs to cover the rest of the Cal king bed frame with storage. Attach it to the first sheet using tree hinges: one near each edge and one in the middle. Sand all exposed rugs with fine slippers.

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Tips and warnings

You can stop baskets or drawers in the open side of the frame, and use managed storage on the opposite side for seasonal items like sportswear and swimwear.