Amazing Low Profile King Bed Frame

Low Profile King Bed Frame Plan

Low profile king bed frame – As home decorating becomes simpler and more artistic, many people condone a great bed frame for something more useful. King beds are the largest mattress option, approximately 80 inches in length and 76 inches in width. Making your own bed frame is not as difficult as it looks and with some tools your frame could be made in a couple of hours. Once you make the frame, dressing with bedding for a complete look.

Buy four sheets of plywood for the entire low profile king bed frame. Since each sheet is 4 by 8, you can cut the four frame pieces out of one sheet, the second sheet panels and the plywood baseboard of the two remaining sheets. Cut the pieces for the bed of the frame of the wood using a circular saw. Since it is a king size bed, you need two pieces 80 inches long and 6 inches wide and two pieces 76 inches long and 6 inches wide to complete the frame of the box. Cut the four pieces of a sheet of plywood.

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Assemble the four pieces to make a rectangular shaped low profile king bed frame and nail it every corner finished along with a hammer and nails. You can also use a nail gun if you have to mount the box faster. To secure planks, add nails at the top and bottom corners at a 45-degree angle to connect all planks. Cut six planks of wood to use as a support inside the box. The width measurements of the interior boards will vary depending on the thickness of wood you choose, so measure before cutting for a precise fit. To measure, place the tape inside the longer portion of the frame and measure across the opposite side. Cutting board admits that measurement on the second sheet of plywood. Nails the irons to the frame, holding boards approximately 16 inches apart to provide sufficient king mattress support. Nail the boards to both sides of the frame.

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